Aunty the best teacher

Hey ISS readers. This is Sudha 32 year old house wife staying in Delhi married to a central Govt executive who is constantly on tours to abroad. Right from the beginning I am crazy about males and male body. I have a sister who is 10 years older to me. She stays in vizag and I was asked to attend my sister’s daughter’s marriage. Since she is close to me I have gone to vizag 10 days before the marriage to oversee all arrangements. My sister’s daughter is also very close to me and her name is Sarala and she is getting married to raja whom I have seen only 3 days before marriage and is very impressed by him. He is very handsome and looking innocent also. He seems too flexible and soft natured also. Sarala is having some inhibitions about her future married life and is seeking my help in giving confidence. My sister also of the same view. Sarala even told me to be there in the room where first night is being celebrated and help her. I laughed at her proposal but promised to take extra care of raja and request him to take extra care about you during initial nights. In this process I got closer to raja who promised to take extra care but told me that he himself does not know what to do and needs a bit of help. I thought for a minute and saw a good chance to teach fucking and getting fucked by innocent cock of raja. The marriage was going on and I became important in everything and I have replaced my sister.
Then both bride and groom needed to take sacred bath and I told my sister to help Sarala and I will help raja. I have taken soap shikai and a cloth which to be used as Gochi. When I went with all this raja became red and I slowly led him to bathroom and made him to sit on stool and slowly applied oil on his body and hair. I suggested him to change to gochi with the help of towel. He was finding it difficult and I helped in removing his shirt and lungi and he was on his underwear. He was refusing to change to remove his underwear and I cajoled him and told about the tradition in the family and I slowly removed his under wear in order to facilitate use of gochi. What I saw was shocking. The innocent looking face of raja has a not so innocent Cock. Infact it is very cute and mammoth in size and in spite of his shyness is getting erect. His 12 inch meat is extremely attractive and I felt jealous at good fortune of Sarala. I slowly convinced raja and giving bath. He was stark naked and I applied soap all over his body and slowly touched his cock and cleaned his cock with soap and told him that it is extremely important to clean his cock as Sarala will taste it. I could not control and put his lovely cock in my mouth. Raja cleverly asked me to teach other things also and I happily obliged by taking him to bed room in the pretext of cleaning and giving new clothes. In the bed room I undressed myself and raja got excited and jumped on me and I was little shocked.
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