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After the dinner their younger daughter went to her room and busy with her studies. I told aunty that I will sleep in the living room so that I can watch movie. She agreed this with a cute smile. Their bedroom is very near to the living room. She also joined with me to watch the movie and then we came to know that the younger daughter is already slept. We have made some jokes while watching movie. When we saw a lady taking bath in that movie I became very horny. My cock started to grow and I was not wearing underwear. So there was a bulge through the lungi which I wear. Aunty noticed this change and she smiled. Then she told me that she wants to take a bath before she sleep and she went to the bathroom with her clothes to take bath. But unexpectedly there was a power failure while she was taking bath. As she has already put soap all over her body she was not able to come out and look for another emergency lamp. So she called me from the bathroom and asked me to bring the emergency lamp from the living room. I agreed this with a joyful mind and took the emergency lamp to the bathroom. When I reached near to the bathroom I asked her to open the door and take the lamp inside. When she opened the door , I got excited to see her wet body in the light of emergency lamp. I got a second erecetion and this time my cock ( 7″) came out of my lungi and I could not hide it from her. She noticed the hard manhood and got excited also. I thought that she may get angry when I looked her. But I could see a cute smile on her face. This encouraged me and I just look her for a while and my cock became more hard when “HE” saw a sexy woman during her bath. I went inside the bathroom and hugged her.
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She sat there and spread her milky thighs for me. I just moved my head beneath her thighs and started to lick her pussy. Its really tasty and I was really in heaven. Then she put her both legs on my shoulders and I licked her pussy and spread her pussy lips and put my tongue inside her hole also I ran my tongue on her clit and she was moaning and moved her fingers on my hair and pressed my head against her pussy up and down. After some time I got her first fresh cum inside my mouth I tasted it completely and it was really nice. Then I stoop up with my straight hard manhood, she told me that its really good size and cute after she saw my cock. Without more delay when started to suck my cock. I felt that I am in heaven and my cock started to grow more while it was in her mouth. It went deep to her throat now she increased the speed of sucking and my cock is really touched all the corners of her mouth. I was playing with her boobs this time and I pressed it hardly and pinched the nipples. Now I told her that I am going to cum now. She told me to cum inside her mouth. I cum inside her mouth and I could see she tasted my cum completely again she licked all the portions of my cock and made it dry. Then both of us stood together and we opened the shower and washed each other. I told her to wear a sexy night dress , so she agreed with it and went to her bed room and wore her night gown. Suddenly the power has come back and I also changed my dress and wore my uncle’s lungi.
She came near to me and told that this is the first time she enjoyed a real sex. She told me that uncle is not active in bed only having sex between them for name sake. She never satisfied with him. Then she told me to sleep with her that night and early morning I can go and sleep in the living room. So that her daughter will not have any doubt when she see her in the morning. I agreed her plan with joy and went to their bedroom. She was in a sexy night gown and I sat near to her. There are some shelves in their bedroom and all these shelf has mirrors in their doors. So that we can see our image on that mirrors. I kissed her on lips and asked her to stand up. I kissed all over her body and we can see our images like movie screen. I remembered the scenes of porn movies which I use to watch , and I started to act like play boy in that movies. I started to undress her. First I removed her night gown and now she is in black panties and bra. I really like to presence of black bra and panty on white boobs and pussy. She was really sexy in this dress. I started to role my tongue from her forehead to the fingers in her legs. She started to shiver and saying sexy words. Then I asked her to lay on the bed and I removed her panty and she spread her legs for me. We have started to do 69 and I looked the mirrors when we do the 69. She sucked my cock and I licked her clit and pussy hole and shared our hot cums in our mouth.
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