Biwi ho to Aisi

Their’s was an arranged marriage .Sudhir was28 years old, average looking guy, who had inherited huge amount of wealth and property from his father, besides a very successfully running hardware business. He had quit his studies after class 12th and was into his family business after that. His family consisted of a younger sister ,Nimmi, a 22 years old commerce graduate who was perusing her master’s degree. His mother Vimla Devi was an kind hearted Indian woman, with a very religious bent of mind. His father had died of an heart attack few years back and since then Sudhir was the man of the house. Life was running smoothly and through a common family friend Sudhir’s marrige was solemnized with Neha few months back. Neha was 26 years old at that time .She had a brilliant academic record . Sudhir being the only son of the family, with a very decent image ,having no addictions or bad habits apart from having huge wealth and a flourishing business were the factors taken into consideration by Neha’s family while choosing their future son in law. They conveniently overlooked the fact that he had modest educational achievements without having any formal degree or graduation.
Sudhir as previously mentioned, was a very gentle guy much because of high moral virtues imparted to him by his parents. From an young age he was imbibed into his family business and since then he had involved himself deeply into it. He would leave early in the morning and return late evening hours .He had no friend circle and was essentially a family man and a very private person. Simple in his thinking, his needs were very minimal. He had no sexual relation with any female before his marriage, which was not surprising, given the kind of persona he had. The natural physiological phenomenon of course had their effect, and he would often had a ‘night fall’. He would wake up to find his undies/payjamas wet with a slimy gooey fluid. This would leave him with a feeling of shame and fear. Since he was to shy to discuss it with anyone he kept his ‘night falls’ a secret to himself. Only a few years earlier he had discovered the act of masterbutation , quite accidentally, when he came violently rubbing his penis against pillows when he had an early morning erection. This ‘unearthing’ further increased his sense of guilt and embarrassment. He would resort to the act of and on and as quite naturally,his body being young and healthy demanded that a bit of cum be released from it from time to time.

After each masterbutatory act Sudhir ,would almost curse himself for doing something ‘dirty and sinful.’To conclude, Sudhir was a down to earth ,reserved and a shy person who was confused about his sexuality. During before marriage meet , Neha was quick to read these humble and subdued traits of her would be husband and it suited her well!Now Neha was the other end of spectrum-Full of confidence, she loved doing things her way .She was basically a ‘demanding’ person with a penchant for branded items and designer clothes and jewellary. She was a science graduate and had done her post graduation in physics and had an outstanding academic tenure throughout. These were the traits of her personality, which could be made about by those knowing her -but what was not known to anybody was her true inner self! - Neha had intense sexual desires with a very vivid imagination to go with that. Her fantasies were largely those which involved gross perverted acts and domination. She loved to put people in embarrassing situations and getting them to surrender to her whims and desires. If Neha ever bowed to anything it was only her own sexual desires!
From her teen age she had started to enjoy her sex life with the partners of her choice but took great care to hide her sexual encounters and flings from the outer world.-and she had been successful in doing this. So it was not known to her family and the society that what high class perverted lass Neha was in her private world. She made full use of the internet to get new ideas to make her sex ‘better’ .She would read hard core porn literature, download movies, watch pictures that further fueled her fires.- 'Normal was boring' for her and gradually she had developed into a sex crazed creature who liked her sex to be hot , raw and distorted. Domination , raunch, forced sex that included members of same family or same sex were some of her favorite themes, though she was not averse to any kink or sexual situation!. In short, it was the case of “filthier the bettter” for her as far her sexual lifestyle was concerned.
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