Pre plan sex with my aunty

I dear ISS readers I am very happy to share my true story with you all. It was with my aunty (she is 37) who is very much beautiful. Who ever looks at her cannot take their eyes off her and her huge juicy boobs? I always looked her with evil eyes. I could not sleep without thinking of her at least once. Her name is KAVITHA (37 34 38). And about myself its Vinay aged 22.i am an engineering student staying in Bangalore. I am average looking guy very athletic and a good sport (football).As my aunt knows me that I play a lot outdoor. So I thought of a plan which really worked.
One day it was a holiday so I went to my aunt’s house. Her was only my aunt and another lady (almost our family member, she is unmarried) she help my aunt in her work. She lives in the same house. So that day when I went she was washing clothes in the backyard. As I went I saw her bending I saw her boobs in her blouse as like before. My dick was waking up and at the same time I thought of a plan that let me fall off as it was water on the floor. As per idea I slipped and fell down. At soon as I felt down she came to help me to get up as she bent I saw a closer view of her balls. It was a great moment for me. I pretended like I was very much hurt and I got up in pain (I acted like that).She was beside me and I kept my hands on her shoulder and started to walk until bed. So from here it starts.
When we came near bed she helped me to lay down on the bed, as she was holding I again fell on the bed pulling her on me. It was so good and I was lucky that we both were on the bed that her lips were on my lips and I felt the impact of her breast it was so soft that it was pressed. She was shocked and tried to get up but I was holding she and I kissed her on the lips and I made her smoooooooch for some 2 minutes. After this I let her and told this was the first time so I please forgive me, I am sorry and please tell this to anyone. Then she said I won’t tell anybody. Then she went to do her work. Again I was lucky that I got a chance to see the other lady naked you know how. Ya I will tell you friends.
As my aunt went out the other lady came into the room finishing her bath. I saw her going into the dressing room in her saree rolling around her body without wearing blouse. Then I felt the waves in me and thought to look through the keyhole. I saw her wearing her bra and blouse I was going mad and could not think anything. I was going mad about my aunt. I went back and slept on the bed. My cock was hard and paining as my cocks was touching with my underwear. Again I thought of how to squeeze those huge boobs of my aunt.
Thinking so I called my aunt and told that my backbone area is paining so please apply move and I will relax. She brought me and applied over my back suddenly I caught hold of her and took her hand to my dick. She could not speak after that and I told this is my dick how is it. She replied that it’s fine until other don’t come know. I was afraid and told please. I took her hand and kept on my chest and my heart is going fast so I don’t know what to do so I did this. She then told me keep quite and sleeps. But I daringly asked her that I want to fuck her once. She was very much angry and started to call my name loud and I took her in my arms and closed her mouth. Somehow the other lady had gone out to nearby temple after her bath. Then knowing that no one was here I fell on her feet and held it asking her to satisfy me. She didn’t agree but I pleaded her then later after some time she told yes only once and half an hour.
Hurriedly I first took off my shirt and pant. I moved towards her and squeezed her huge breast. She told slowly but I didn’t listen. Like a mad I kissed her all over her for 10 minutes. Then I removed her blouse and bra like an expert. I bit her nipples she then asked me where I got this knowledge. I told her proudly that I see BF movies and read ISS stories. She told u is learnt very much. I sat besides her kissing her she started massaging and after some time I was ready I removed her panty and my eyes wide open I was seeing a neat shaven pussy of my aunty she took my finger. And tried to push in her hole I told her to lie down and started to finger her it was hot inside slowly I increase my fingers from 1 to two and started moving them inside out she caught hold of my head and took it near her hole and asked me to lick also. I did as commanded. I did that for few minutes I could feel some water type liquid coming out of her hole she pulled me up on her and took my dick in her hand she directed it to her hole and kept it on the entrance and said slowly in my ear show me what you can do I gave strong push my tool went half inside her she gave a light smile I pushed hard again my dick was completely inside and I started banging her like any thing she also responded by returning my every bang after few minutes we both came I lied on her for few minutes and she told it was nice but should go as the lady would come back at any time. She went to bathroom leaving me on the bed to dress myself. I was satisfied for everything bcoz at that moment I thought too much is too bad. I dressed and went to refresh. I smelled in the room so my aunt sprayed the room’s prayer and every thing was alright. This was my first experience and I am very happy. Any gals and aunties in Bangalore want to have fun with me can