Wearing a lungi

Hi readers, I am writing this real story after being a reader myself for so long. This happened when I was in my 10th standard. As my parents were leaving town, I was left at my aunt’s house to be taken care of. My aunt’s house was a small one with only one bedroom. Incidentally uncle was also out of town. I, aunt and her daughter were to stay for the next 10 days. I am a very shy type boy that time. I returned from school on Friday, went out, played and returned around 7.00pm. My aunt asked me to take bath, as dirt was all over me and come for dinner. I was tired and hated to bath at that time, but my aunt forced me to take bath. So, I took bath and came to the hall for dinner. She came from the kitchen and looked surprised to see me in my formal dress. She asked me to change to lungi, as this dress will be uncomfortable and non-airy. I refused and said that I am wearing the same dress all these years and I am comfortable with it and I don’t like to wear lungi.
She scolded me heavily and said till you are here; you should obey me only and forced me to change to lungi. Without any options left, I went to the bathroom, removed my pant and wore the lungi, with much hesitation came out of the bathroom. My aunt’s daughter was also studying 10th at that time and I was ashamed to come before her wearing a lungi. My aunt came back and gave an irritated look at me and said “you don’t even understand my simple words? why the hell are you wearing the shirt for? remove it at once”. I decided to go by aunt’s words as she was very angry. I removed my shirt. she again yelled ate me “who will remove your banyan (vests)”. I told her “no way. I will not remove it stating that I feel very shy. please leave me with this and I can remove it and be there with her daughter’s presence.”
She said “she is just your sister and I am your aunt, we are not going to make any fun or tell others about this. While sleeping you must have enough air circulation for good health. remove it at once” So; I had to remove my banyan also.” Now she was looking at my him, I was very embarrassed. She asked my “are you wearing jetty (underwear) inside” I said “yes “. she said “are you a fool. I am shouting all the time for air circulation. how will air circulation be good if you wear your jetty? go and remove it at once.” I went inside the bathroom and came back without removing as I thought, she will not know, if I don’t remove it.” She asked me ” have you removed it?” I said “yes”. she came straight to me, inserted her hand suddenly inside the lungi and felt my jetty was still there” her daughter supported me telling her mother” ma this is too much. why can’t you leave him alone?” my aunt told her ” I knew it , he hasn’t removed his jetty. that’s why I checked.” now my sister said” brother, you are also irritating mother, why are you telling lies? see I got nose-cut now.”
my aunt said” ok. now remove it right here, in front of us, then only you will not tell lies hereafter.” I said ” sorry aunty, only because of shyness, I told lie, hereafter I wont say lies, please allow me to remove it in the bathroom itself.” my aunt agreed to my pleading. I went inside the bathroom and removed my jetty and came back. my aunt asked” where is the removed jetty?” I went to the bathroom and came back with it. She said I wont trust you and she again slid her hand inside, feeling my bare hip she said ok” you will feel comfortable now and your health will be good” and she went back to the kitchen. we ate our dinner and they both went to single bedroom available and I slept in the hall.
I had a good sleep. since I didn’t have the habit of wearing a lungi, in the night it had come of totally, making me naked. I was in total sleep and I was not aware of it. My aunt and sister had woken up early and they have come to the hall and seen me in this type. they hid the lungi also. when I woke up, it took a little while for me to realize I am lying naked in the hall. I was shocked and turned around to only see my aunt and sister looking and giggling at me. my aunt said ” hey, you look superb without your dress” and my sister said “Anna, shame ” I immediately covered my cock with my hand and begged for the lungi. the story is not complete. as I have to go now, I will update it as soon as possible. Mail me with your views and anything that you want to share with me at murali_tn_india