Fuck aunt in the rain

From: Sawan Singh 
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My uncle was a year in the Army only rarely came home. Second Year Exam was given in those days. This was my youth on my kicks, my aunt was not a child had been married for two years.But the uncle was in the Army before marriage. Thousands could be left with more time with the aunt. I've never seen before from my aunt Njro was wrong. But one day aunt had gone to the market. Then it started to rain. Was watching the movie on TV a few scenes in the movie were kinda sexy. The idea was bound to change the mind seeing. At that time my mind was causing much excitement. Began slowly stroking his cock. 
then the door bell rang suddenly panicked. I felt as if someone had seen me. Her aunt was standing outside my room I was completely saturated with water, and today more than ever young and beautiful she looked. मैंने दरवाजा बंद कर दिया और जैसे ही पीछे मुड़ा तो मेरी नज़र चाची की कमर पर पड़ी जहा पर उनकी गुलाबी साड़ी के बलाउस से उनकी काले रंग की ब्रा बाहर झांक रही थी 
चाची ने सामान सोफे पर रखा और मुझसे बोली सावन मेरा पूरा बदन भीग चुका To do this you bring me a towel under the same hand towel brought aunt smiling bid to hang on to the pain took my hand lane. So I asked you what I'll do a little work. Aunt quote just let my hair dry and water. I said why not. Aunt sat on the couch. मैंने देखा बालो से पानी निकल कर उनके गोरे गालो पर बह रहा था मैं चाची के पीछे बैठ गया और उनको अपने पैरो के बिच में ले लिया और बालो को सुखाने लगा . 
चाची का गोरा और भीगने के बाद भी गरम बदन मेरे पैरो में हलचल पैदा was doing. Hair drying, I put my hand gently on his shoulder. Aunt of virtue. I started slowly Shlani his waist. Aunt suddenly started saying that my hair dried'm going inside now. She went into the room I thought I had stopped breathing aunt made ​​my intentions known. Aunt in the room and started to change his clothes. He quickly aunt did not close the door he was standing in front of a dressing mirror, a cloth given off. I suddenly saw the Gore's aunt was stare at her body from top to bottom. Aunt ignored this time to see me. Maybe it was the green signal for me. 
bid aunt walked into the room wearing no clothes Oh Sawan I just go outside. But I always see you dressed her aunt in the bin is seen in the nude in front of me now that you wish you can stay put. I took her arms and saying. He's a little countless excuses but I had no time to think, and this forces began openly what they have seen him, eyes closed. This was hiding his consent. में दस मिनट तक उसे किस करता रहा इस बीच गरम होंट उसके गोरे बदन के ज़र्रे ज़र्रे को चूम गए . 
अचानक चाची ने मुझे जोर से धक्का दिया और में नीचे गिर गया एक बार को में फ़िर डर गया लेकिन अगले ही पल मैंने पाया के चाची I was late coming up. Surrey undressed me and the wall between you and the clothes had been removed. My cock stood fully deployed. She came up to me and touched my mouth with my cock in her soft Honto taken. She was sitting way up her pussy was all set to come on my lips I started to lick pussy porn. My Lund was freed from his mouth Aaaaaaःःःःः Aahc ......... ......... ....... Uoffff Uuuuःःःःःःः. And when the voice was coming from his Muhh water left her. She bid me Ooh, my wife and my sexy Sawan not live without you, Lund Sudol Plis this spring Playrgrund this player off my pussy so that they can play a sex game. 
Cchi now take my cock pit I was full and at the same time carried away by picking aunt was put to bed. Her aunt had become raspy. My aunt was on top of her in her aunt was knocking on the door. This was apparently not enough days to fuck aunt aunt's face was suddenly tight. I was loud and she totally blow the heck was she lapped. चाची के मुह से आआह्ह्छ मार डाला की आवाज़ निकल गई और मुझे थोडी देर हिलने से मन कर दिया कुछ देर बाद वो नीचे से हलके हलके झटके लगाने लगी 
अब मुझे भी चूत का मजा आने लगा और मैंने चाची की चुदाई शुरू कर दी जितनी में अपनी What the fuck did he get such a sexy voice aunt Ahh .... Aःc ........ Uuuuःःःः Fffff Uuofr Aaaaaaaःःःःःःःः .............. .......... ........ F ........... Uuuuuःःःःः Ffff Hhh Aaac. She slowly began to loose. We fuck up at least half an hour. Half an hour later my aunt suddenly became loud and hugged her tight for a little while there. After some setbacks and put my hand into his left semen on her aunt was embraced me again. Aunt takes up to ten minutes in the same way. Your Sexy Female Sawan lot longer than your aunt has the thirsty.